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Whisper is a P2P messaging system based on Ethereum distributed network. It is a protocol created to send and receive messages between dApp, theoretically 100% confidential and non-traceable. Existing messenger services such as KakaoTalk and Line store the messages we send and receive on the central server. Of course, the network encrypts all end-to-end connections, and messages are also stored encrypted, but are stored centrally and potentially leaked. It's also hard to say that our privacy and security are 100% guaranteed, because we can track the origin of any message.

The whisper sends an encrypted, digitally signed message to all nodes where the whisper is active. A whisper node has multiple symmetric and asymmetric keys. Node verifies the version of encrypted packets package using each key and checks whether the key is asymmetric or symmetric. And then it decoded them using a suitable key. If the cryptograph is successfully released, then a message will be forwarded.

(Reference - Core Ethereum Programming)