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Turing - Completeness

Turing machine

Turing machine is a concept designed by Alan Turing, a mathematician, an abstract machine that can solve any computation. Turing machines are largely made of input / output heads and tapes. The head can read a specific cell of the tape, the tape can be infinitely stretched, and is divided into cells of a certain size. The head reads the symbols recorded on the tape and acts according to the behavior according to the specific state. This machine is also the mother of modern computers.


Turing-completeness means that any programming language or abstract machine has the same computing power as a Turing machine. The language that makes the algorithm that can be turned into a Turing machine is Turing-completeness language, and iteration and condition setting are possible. In other words, the Turing-completeness language is a programming language that can write any program, and the Ethereum platform is written in this Turing-completeness language. You can create smart contracts that can execute contracts according to conditions, and implement smart contracts to implement decentralized applications (dApp) that can run on Ethereum network.