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Swarm is a distributed storage platform for content sharing services using P2P method based on Ethereum network. You can store Ethereum network documents or dApp codes and data, as well as blockchain data. It is similar to a torrent sharing a file with the existing P2P method. Storing and sharing files with this P2P method prevents DDoS attacks and because multiple nodes exist, the connection of a certain node is not stopped even if the connection is taken offline. It also uses a system that provides incentives for nodes that share content, such as file coins in IPFS, allowing them to operate spontaneously.

When you upload any file or content, it is split into chunks and distributed to all nodes in the swarm network. In this process, the chunk is encrypted with a hash function. The swarm has a unique identifier consisting of a 32-byte hash value that allows access to a file called Reperance and is used as the address that leads to the file when the user searches.

For more information, see the official SWARM document.