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Smart Contract

Smart contracts have existed before the appearance of blockchains. A concept proposed by a computer engineer named Nick Savoy in 1994. Since existing contracts are written, people have to carry out the contents directly in the document in order to implement them. but if they can be written in a digital language and executed automatically in accordance with the terms of the contract in a computer program, he argued that the processes needed to actually implement the contract would be minimized, saving time and money accordingly. Because digital documents can easily be copied and manipulated, it was not easy for the technology at the time to materialize these concepts. After the development of BitCoin, the blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology of integrity, is emerging again. This is because bitcoin is a block chain protocol that serves as a currency for simple payment and remittance functions and is a protocol with a smart contract function that is created based on a programming language and checks the balance status of the user and then changes the balance state appropriately.