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This is the log of the execution result of the transaction, and the record in which the execution environment and information related to the transaction are stored. It is literally like a receipt for a transaction. The receipt of the transaction in each block is hashed and the root hash of the top is placed in the block header. This is called the Receipt Root.

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The receipt structure contains the following items:

  1. PostState : status information after transaction processing
  2. Failed: Failed after transaction processing
  3. CumulativeFasUsed : Cumulative gas price used in the block containing the transaction and receipt
  4. Bloom : Bloom filter to search log information quickly
  5. Logs: records generated during transaction execution
  6. TxHash : Txid of the transaction
  7. contractAddress : If this is a transaction created in a contract, the address of the corresponding contract
  8. GasUsed: the gas price used to execute the transaction