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A client program that has access to the Ethereum can create a client, provided that it follows the rules and protocols promised in Ethereum. It is also the same protocol, so you can communicate even if you use different clients. It is the Ethereum client program written in the rust programming language created by Parity Foundation. Like Geth, it is a CLI environment and aims to be a faster, lighter, and the most secure Ethereum client. The main feature is that it supports Warp Sync unlike Geth which supports fast Sync. When a node first connects to a blockchain network, it communicates with its neighbor and receives full data from the block. Even Fast Sync, which only receives some data from the block, will take a long time to synchronize to the data in the latest block. Warp Sync processes the synchronization quickly by requesting a state root from the neighboring node.

Please refer to the official document for details.