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Nonce is the information that is entered into the transaction structure as well as the block header. In a transaction, the nonce is equal to the concept of a counter that increments by 1 when sending transactions starting from the initial zero. In addition, this value can be incremented only in sequence, does not allow duplication, and if a transaction with the same nonce occurs, the transaction with the highest gas price is processed. There is no way to cancel a transaction if it has been successfully processed on the network. However, if there is a transaction that you want to cancel, you can cancel it by creating a new transaction, deliberately setting the same nonce as the transaction you want to cancel, and setting the gas rate higher.

The Nonce entering the block header is a 64-bit value. The nonce is an arbitrary number that is incremented to combine with the block header and the mix hash to derive a hash lower than the target value. The mining of this Ethereum block is to assign this value and iterate until it reaches a hash lower than the target value.