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Mixhash is an intermediate 128-byte hash value generated using Nonce when computing operations are performed on Ethereum mining. This calculation process is very complex and has a heavy load. Therefore, if a POW calculation request is made by blocks with inaccurate or malicious Nonce values, it can be subject to the same load as receiving a DOS attack when calculating it. Therefore, in order to prevent such problems, the mixhash computes through several intermediate steps to verify that there is no problem by calculating the proof of work. In addition, since the proof of work calculation is lightened through the mixhash, mining through Ethash is also possible for lightweight clients. In the Ethereum mining process, the mixhash generated from nonce generates the next mixhash from the first page of the DAG file generated at the first mining and repeats this process 64 times. This 64th mix hash is MixDigest. If this value is combined with Nonce to find a hash value equal to or less than the target value, the mining is successful and the block is propagated to neighboring nodes. This 64th MixDigest value is entered in the block header and is used to validate the block.