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IPFS is an emerging concept to solve the problem of web of existing HTTP protocol. Existing HTTP is a structure in which when we request any information, the centralized server responds and sends information about our request. At this time, if the server does not work, we will not be able to receive the requested data. In addition, because data can only be imported from the server where the data is stored, the disadvantage is that the larger the data, the less efficient it is in terms of speed and server maintenance cost.

The difference Between HTTP and IPFS (Reference :

IPFS is a peer-to-peer file sharing system. This system stores the encrypted hash value in some data through P2P communication between nodes without a central server. When we request any data, it finds the nodes that hold the data through the hash value based on the data and It receives data from multiple nodes and passes the data in response. In addition, IPFS will introduce the concept of file coin, and will plan to provide the concept of incentives to nodes that provide file storage.

In the Ethereum block, transactions and their logs remain, but it can’t upload large amounts of data themselves. In addition, the data of the full nodes in all blocks is increasing in capacity over time. If the hash value of a file on IPFS is stored in a block and the actual data is shared by IPFS, more transactions will be possible in the future and more applications will be available on the Ethereum platform.