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In contrast to ERC-20, this is a token with the characteristics of Non Fungible. What we usually think of as fungible is that one thousand won banknote that I have has equal value to one thousand won banknote that someone else has and it means that there is no harm or gain if one exchanges them. In other words, the meaning of Not fungible indicates the impossibility of substitution, and the tokens of ERC-721 are tokens in which each token has a unique value only for the token. One of my ERC-721 tokens and one of the tokens that I have is not worth the exchange of equal value because it is different from a thousand won bill. These tokens can trade assets such as artifacts, real estate, collectibles, and merchandise that are less liquid on the Ethereum Network and can publish unique data assets on digital. In addition, the irreversible nature of the blockchain can always prove that the asset is genuine. For details on ERC-721, please refer to Ethereum Proposal EIP-721.

Cryptokitties: Representative examples of ERC-721

Crypto Kitty is a digital cat collection game that runs on the Ethereum platform. The cats in this game have different characteristics, such as the ERC-721 tokens. In addition, the crossing of cats gives the cats' generation value and the genetic trait that only the individual has, and this genetic trait will have different appearance characteristics from other cats. Cats with a unique look are more popular and are traded at higher prices.