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ERC 20 stands for Ethereum Request for Comment - 20 and is the standard for tokens submitted as Ethereum improvement proposal. Early in the development of the Ethereum tokens, there were no standards for tokens, so there were various types of token contracts and if transactions were needed between tokens with different interfaces, a separate contract had to be developed for each token contract interface. The ERC20 token solved this problem by standardizing the token interface on the Ethereum network. If you create a token according to this standard, it is compatible with other ERC20 tokens without having to create another contract. The content of the proposal that was presented in the Ethereum Network can be found at the following link.

The proposal states that the ability to represent the token's balance and the total number of tokens, the ability to set the number of tokens that can be transmitted and ability to transfer as many such tokens as possible must be realized. This is a standard token used in cloud funding, such as ICOs in cryptography projects, because of these features and relatively easy to build by developers. The interface of the ERC 20 token is as follows: