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EIP is a proposal for improvement of Ethereum and performance improvement. It is also a document that provides information to the Ethereum community or explains new features for improving performance in the Ethereum process or environment. The EIP must describe the evidence for technical specifications and functions, and the creator of the EIP is responsible for obtaining consent within the community and for documenting dissenting opinions.

There are three main types of EIP, which can be classified as follows. The proposed EIP should be written specifically to which of the three categories it belongs.

Standard Track EIP

IPs that affect the implementation of Ethereum core, networking related, block or transaction validation rules, application standard proposals, interfaces, and so on.

Informational EIP

It is not an EIP review or suggesting new features, but an EIP that provides information to the Ethereum community. It is solely responsible for the information provided, and users are not obligated to follow it.

Meta EIP

Matters related to the Ethereum process or proposed changes to these processes are included into this category. It is similar to the Standard Track, but the suggestions apply to other areas, not only to the internal protocol.

In addition, the EIP Guidelines page (see provides a detailed description of the EIP template and how it is written and the order in which the proposed EIP is reflected in the actual Ethereum platform