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The Enterprise Ethereal Alliance (EEA), a non-profit organization launched in March 2017, is an alliance of companies around the world dedicated to sharing and collaborating on Ethereum technology. Companies that are gathered to create interoperable Ethereum-based enterprise blockchain standards are members of various companies including Intel, Microsoft, Samsung SDS, MasterCard, and about 385 technologies and finance. The EEA is actively involved in helping companies and organizations that are members of the industry study Ethereum and apply them to their business.

In fact, within the EEA, there are groups of various industrial sectors such as artificial intelligence, medical industry, energy, real estate, etc., and discussions, detailed information and technical data sharing and active conferences are held by industry.

To be a member of the EEA, you must be an organization promoting the Ethereum based business and applications. Once the application is submitted to the EEA and approved, you will be entitled to membership. For more information, please visit .