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Directed acyclic graph is a directional acyclic graph, meaning a non-circulating graph with direction. It consists of numerous vertices and trunks as shown in the following figure. Each trunk line runs from one vertex to another vertex. However, it is also used for modeling data as a graph that does not loop because the graph does not circulate. Ethereum uses an algorithm that is slightly different from Bitcoin to prevent it from being monopolized by mining. Ethash, an Ethereum PoW mining method that uses a memory operation mining method, requires Digest and Seed to find a hash lower than the final target value. Based on the Seed value, the digest value is obtained by referring to the atypical data (DAG) in the memory, and if the two values ​​thus obtained are hashed and lower than the target value, the digging is successful. The unstructured data shown here is randomly generated data corresponding to 2 GB, and all the nodes that generate and verify blocks have the same DAG file. This file is a set of cache data generated by the seed hash, and a new DAG file is created with a cycle time of 30,000 blocks.