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TrustVerse is a digital asset management protocol based on a blockchain. It deals with not only encrypted assets but also all of digital IDs and personal information, and builds a new inheritance method of cryptocurrency and token.

It helps clients for easy and safe asset investment by providing portfolio to the digital assets based on AI. When a transit of assets and information is necessary, the appointed person receives it correctly through a smart contract. As providing information management based on DIDs, the safety is guaranteed.

The services provided by TrustVerse are as follows.

  • AI and blockchain platform encompassing two stages of life
  • Asset safeguarding through gift and inheritance plan by private smart contract and family public chain
  • Providing portfolio of actual assets and digital assets such as global stocks and cryptocurrencies
  • Combined asset management platform including digital inheritance plan protocol
  • All of digital identity management protocol including crypto assets
  • Guaranteed execution of definite gift and inheritance to appointed person through a smart contract
  • Multi-AI model asset management platform based on AI Deep Neural Network and multiple data structure and behavior learning
  • Providing future value of assets with utility tokens which allow to use the services

The token usage and AI-based portfolio operational structure of TrustVerse are as follows.

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