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Time stamp

Time stamp is a sequence of characters identifying a certain time. It is designed for convenient calculation to compare two different times or periods and expressed by a constant format. It is used in file system as indicating the creation of saved file or changed time. The Bitcoin white paper introduces Bitcoin as a solution that solves the problem of double payments using a peer-to-peer decentralized timestamp server that creates computational proofs in chronological order. The timestamp server described here distributes a hash of the timestamped block to the network, proving that the data in the block existed from that time of in the course of obvious hashing. Thus, the creation time of block is recorded in the block header, and a structure such as a sequential chain is formed.

In the image above, in json, a Bitcoin block, it is recorded in UNIX time. Converting this, you can see that 563215th block was created at 12:18:00 on February 16, 2019.