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Ripple is a FinTech type blockchain for financial institutions and developed as a protocol for many banks around the world to transfer funds in real time. It uses distributed ledger technology to make a transfer in real time through the network and improved the condition in terms of high fee and transfer time.

Since Ripple was originally targeted at financial institutions, it works on a private blockchain rather than public. When the consensus reaches over 80% in Ripple's consensus method, Ripple Consensus Algorithm, and XPR ledger protocol for verification, the transactions are recorded on blocks through the way that the trusted distributed nodes create blocks. It doesn't need computing process like PoW in Bitcoin. The consensus is made within few nodes so the transaction only takes under 10 seconds.

This quick transaction process makes a smooth remittance and a payment service between banks, especially, it has a great advantage to save the transfer fee. Companies around the world spend up to $ 1.6 trillion annually for operational costs to handle transfers between countries and build the network. Ripple is a cost- effective solution to this problem.