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As a crowdfunding, ICO let the blockchain related companies to obtain capitals from investment and distribute tokens in return, which can be used on their products. The demand for ICO as well as the value of cryptocurrency increased since the end of 2017. ICO is not restricted to any regulations from governments or institution, so it is possible for many people from the world participating freely. However, because of this property, there is no protection by law, and many people have suffered from financial damage by the scam, which deceives the investors for unjust benefits.

To prevent this damage and give investors the credit, IEO had been released. In IEO, an exchange works as an intermediary to connect investors and companies. Exchange demands a MVP(Minimum Visible Product) of a company to evaluate the project. When the company passes the evaluation, the exchange opens company's token to public and matches them with investors.

In traditional ICO, it is investor's job to go through company's business plans and white papers and decide to invest according to the vision of the business. But in IEO, it is the exchange's job to evaluate and guarantee the company's projects for safer investment.

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However investors are not 100% protected even in IEO. When the exchange confronts internal problems, the investors will have financial damage. Also, there is a possibility in which the exchange takes advantage of its position; having the authority of token listing requirements, they might list the coins which they have invested; and they might spread out false information or excess advertisement while marketing.