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ICO is a type of crowdsale that a company exchanges their project related tokens with the funds invested. The investors are able to trade and use the token, and the company gets capital for development of products. Many companies obtained the capital through ICO and the demand has been increased since the end of 2017 so as the value of cryptocurrencies has been increased accordingly. As a type of crowdfunding, ICO made it possible to recruit small investors dynamically in internet without intermediaries. Because the investments are done globally, the wide variety of investors and the companies can participate freely. However, there is no protection by law for the investors, sometimes people get bewildered and fraud by so called scam, which takes illicit gains from them.

When the victims of scam increased in ICO, which is similar to the traditional way of IPO without regulations by governments and institutions, other options get the attention: reverse ICO, which is the ICO held by trusted large companies such as Line or Telegram, and IEO, which is held by reliable exchanges. Nowadays STO, which has properties like stocks with stronger legal regulations, gets a spotlight.