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An exchange is a place where the cryptocurrencies are traded. In English, it is called an 'Exchange', and in Korea, it is called a 'Virtual Assets Service Provider'. The cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, can be exchanged to actual currencies, Dollar, Euro, and Pound, Yen, and Won etc. The cryptocurrency exchange is open for 24 hours in internet without an opening or closing hours like in a stock exchange. In fact, related to token economy, exchanges are really helpful for blockchain networks to run smooth.

However the security of the blockchain doesn't always correspond to the security of the exchange. Having various kinds of cryptocurrencies, it is exposed to hacking attacks. And there actually had been an incident of hacking, losing customer's personal data and hundreds of billions of coins.

To solve this problem, a decentralized exchange(DEX) was built. DEX is a cryptocurrency exchange which allows a P2P trading of cryptocurrency without relying on a third party institution.