Blockchain Academy
We'll get together for networking with people interested in Blockchain including developers and anyone curious about Blockchain.


Ethereum is a cryptocurrency invented by Vitalik Buterin in 2015. It is a blockchain based cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, but it is called a 2nd generation cryptocurrency as supporting Turing-complete. According to Ethereum white paper, whereas Bitcoin has a simple function of payment and transfer, and if any state could be performed by coded rules of blockchain, Ethereum actualizes a decentralized application platform which allows to write contracts on programs and to build various applications based on these contracts.

Ethereum is able to write smart contracts with Turing complete language and included 'GAS', an internal transaction pricing mechanism, to prevent an infinite repeat route. It also uses memory-dependent mining methods so to avoid dependency and monopoly of mining device, and compensates the slow process of Bitcoin through Account and State.

Ether is the internal currency in Ethereum and one block is created every 15 minutes. Unlike Bitcoin, it doesn't have a limited total amount of coin, but uses PoW, the same consensus method as Bitcoin. Ethereum is currently under development and is being completed through four stages of the roadmap announced by the Ethereum Foundation.