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EOS is a dAPP platform invented by a developer, Dan Larimer in 2017. Developed based on Ethereum source, it is quite similar to Ethereum in a technology aspect, but it improved the problem of high fee and impractical functions of Ethereum, so it owns epithets like an Ethereum killer or 3rd generation of cryptocurrency.

For long period of one year, EOS created one billion EOS tokens based on ERC-20, the standard protocol of Ethereum token, and launched ICO. After distributing of all coins, BP (Block Producer) unanimously decided to open it properly on the mainnet.

EOS adopts a new architecture which is designed to support for a practical use of blockchain and vertical and horizontal scales of dAPP. Instead of 'Gas', which is consumed by processing every transaction, it adopts 'Staking' which is a resource in the network for staking coins. Unlike Ethereum, the consensus algorithm DPoS is used to delegate to 21 BPs selected by voting, so they can generate the block once every 0.5 seconds and this handles more than 10,000 transactions per second.