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DBFT is a BFT style consensus algorithm developed exclusively by NEO, which is a blockchain project building Smart Economy through the management of digital assets and digitalizing the actual assets. Its consensus method is similar to PBFT(Practical Byzantine Tolerance), and the method selecting the verification nodes resembles DPoS.

DBFT of Neo selects the verification nodes by proxy vote and leads the consensus of a large scale of participation. The Bookkeeper(pre-verification nodes. There are seven in case of Neo now.) are elected just like in DPoS by a live vote. From this, the Leader node will be elected and all the transactions in the network will be sent to it. Besides the Leader node, the Bookkeepers evaluate the transactions received whether there are any problems, and send those out to all of Bookkeepers excluding themselves. When a bookkeeper receives the transaction results from other bookkeepers, these results are again sent to the leader node. As this process goes on, the 2/3 of the bookkeepers eventually agree on consensus and the blocks are created. The live vote of DBFT is the difference from PBFT and suitable for the public chain. Even if abnormal nodes exist in the distributed circumstance, the consensus can be achieved, and because forks are not happening, the prompt completeness is guaranteed as well as a fast consensus speed of 1,000 transactions per second.